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Bellville Roofers Website Design, Seo, Google Ads Service

Case Study: Digital Transformation of Bellville Roofing by Results Digital

Client: Bellville Roofing
Industry: Roofing Company in Bellville, TX
Services Provided: SEO-Optimized Custom Web Design, Google Ads Campaign


Bellville Roofing, a prominent roofing contractor in Austin County, Texas, faced a significant challenge: they had no online presence, which limited their ability to attract and engage potential customers. Recognizing the need to establish a robust digital footprint, they partnered with Results Digital to develop an SEO-optimized website and launch targeted Google Ads campaigns.

Digital Marketing For Roofers | Roofing Company Seo, Google Ads, Web Design


Before engaging with Results Digital, Bellville Roofing encountered several obstacles:

  • Lack of a Website: No digital platform to showcase their services or reach potential customers.
  • Absence of Internet Marketing: No strategic online marketing efforts to promote their services.
  • No Google Ads: Missing out on potential leads from targeted ad campaigns.
  • Lead Generation Issues: Difficulty in attracting new business due to a non-existent online presence.


Results Digital developed a comprehensive strategy to transform Bellville Roofing’s digital presence:

  • SEO-Optimized Custom Website Design: Created a custom web design tailored specifically for roofers, incorporating SEO best practices to ensure high visibility on search engines.
  • Google Ads Campaign: Implemented targeted Google Ads for roofers, focusing on capturing leads actively searching for roofing services.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Launched a holistic digital marketing campaign tailored for roofing contractors, enhancing online visibility and customer engagement.


The project unfolded in several phases:

  1. Website Development: Results Digital designed and developed a custom, user-friendly website for Bellville Roofing. The site featured a modern layout, responsive design, and optimized content that highlighted key services such as roof repair, installation, and maintenance.
  2. SEO Strategy: The team implemented an advanced SEO strategy, targeting keywords such as “roofers near me”, “roof repair in Bellville”, and “affordable roofing company”. This strategy was designed to boost search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.
  3. Google Ads: Results Digital set up and managed Google Ads campaigns focusing on keywords like “local roofers” and “best roofing contractor”, ensuring high visibility and immediate lead generation.


The collaboration between Bellville Roofing and Results Digital yielded impressive results:

  • Increased Visibility: The new website achieved top rankings for key industry-related keywords, significantly increasing online visibility.
  • Lead Generation: Through effective SEO practices and Google Ads, Bellville Roofing experienced a substantial increase in inquiries and leads.
  • Customer Engagement: The modern website design improved user engagement, with more visitors exploring the site and contacting Bellville Roofing for services.
  • ROI on Ad Spend: The Google Ads campaigns delivered a strong return on investment, with a high conversion rate from click to customer.


The partnership between Bellville Roofing and Results Digital Marketing for Roofers dramatically transformed the company’s digital marketing strategy. The new SEO-optimized website and effective Google Ads campaigns not only enhanced Bellville Roofing’s online presence but also led to significant business growth and increased market share in the competitive roofing industry.

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