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What We Offer at Results Digital

This page is all about the services we offer at Results Digital. We’ll tell you all about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Google Ads services. Make sure to read along with our Terms & Conditions.

Our SEO Service

We take our cues from Google to provide the best SEO service. Google’s priority is giving users the best info to answer their questions. By doing this, people keep using Google instead of other search engines. Google will not reward websites that try to cheat the system. They want websites to provide fresh, helpful, and engaging content. They’re more focused on helping the end user than what “looks good” to a search engine.

Our SEO service focuses on the following:

  • Technical SEO – we ensure that your site is healthy within Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters, Ahrefs’ Site Audit Tool, and that there aren’t any page indexing issues.
  • Onsite SEO – we optimize static pages such as the home page, service pages, and city pages. Once these are complete, we begin building dynamic content via blogs, video write-ups, & case studies that are aimed at boosting your city pages as well as helping you earn topical authority with Google.
  • Offsite SEO – we ensure that your online presence in data aggregators, search engines, primary directories, tier 1 directories, and general/local/niche directories is consistent. Additionally, we build a well-rounded backlink profile to your key pages in order to help you gain authority with Google.

Google Ads Service

Our Google Ads service helps with lead generation and e-commerce. The cost is a monthly fee plus a percentage of what you spend on ads. 

Throughout the month, we use tools to track user behavior, record and review phone calls, review search terms, adjust campaign budgets, monitor ad performance, and assess account strategy. 

One thing about budgets: Google Ads isn’t free. If we find that your ads aren’t getting enough attention, we might suggest increasing your budget. But we’ll always ask you first.


What Our Clients Say

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Terms of Service - team member 02
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