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For effective SEO & Google Ads Services tailored to solar panel companies, reach out to Results Digital at (281) 975-2086. Discover the success story of PES Solar in our compelling case study, and let us propel your solar business to new heights.

About PES Solar

PES Solar has been in business for over 20 years. Owned by a local Lake County, FL family – a father-son combo. For years, they’ve simply bought leads from lead generation companies that charge a lot of money and produce not-so-great leads.

PES strives to give quality, expert solar installation throughout Florida. Many solar companies are simply sales units that sub out the solar installs to the lowest bidder. Once installed, that solar client never hears nor sees from the original solar sales company.

This is not the case with PES Solar–they are a cut above the rest. They handle everything from initial contact with the client, to sales, to installation and service. Their team is comprehensive and will take a client through the entire process. This includes the longest part of the process, namely, being there for the 20-year service agreement that comes with their solar installations. So they are the cream of the crop and the only legitimate choice when choosing a solar installation company.

The problem

PES needed help. The website they had didn’t rank well on search engines, flow clearly, funnel towards a decision, nor perform well in internal lead generation campaigns.

They needed a new digital marketing strategy that would fix those problems, as well as expert help with SEO and Google Ads. So they contacted Results Digital.

The solution

PES Solar needed an SEO company & Google Ads management for their Longwood, FL business. So they contacted Results Digital. Our team of SEO experts was able to build them a custom search engine optimization strategy. We helped ensure that their site:

  • Was search engine optimized to immediately appeal to potential customers and lead them to schedule a consultation,
  • Used high-resolution images throughout,
  • Used clear, relevant, and highly searched terms,
  • Had effective SEO built in throughout the site, and
  • Channeled website visitors to act on the invitation to schedule a free consultation.

SEO Service for Solar Company

The next mission was to implement an effective strategy that got new potential customers to their site. For this, we used an SEO strategy and Google Ads strategy. All these digital marketing strategies were a success, and it is causing explosive growth.

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