SEO Services & Google Ads Management for Tree Service Company in Longwood, FL

About McCullough Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service is owned by Shelby McCullough. Shelby’s dad and brothers were/are all in the tree business. Their experience as Certified Arborists, climbers, and tree surgeons stretches many years. As Shelby jokes, his company is a lot more than simply two guys with a chainsaw and a truck. He and his family’s vast knowledge and experience make them a go-to company for reliable tree care. They are able to offer tree trimming, tree removal, tree demossing, storm damage tree clean up/removal, and Certified Arborist analysis and care.

The former company managing his SEO and lead generation made a fatal flaw by also managing other tree companies. So his loyalties were divided. Results Digital chooses to be loyal to our customers, only providing services for one company per industry per state. This allows us to focus all our energies on helping this one company to succeed in their state. We refuse to help our customer’s competitors compete against them. So Shelby was outputting a lot of money each month and getting very little results. Also, his online presence lacked clarity and flow, and it also utilized an incorrect method of building location-based pages. Furthermore, his paid ads were yielding very little results making his cost per conversion high.

Results Digital had a lot of work to do

McCullough needed an SEO company and a PPC management company, so they contacted Results Digital. Our content writer and SEO lead generation specialist got to work defining SEO landing pages, and location-based landing pages, arranging flow, composing well-researched content, building out the gallery, and ensuring that the custom layout loaded fast.

SEO Services for Tree Companies

These initial tasks set their SEO campaign in motion. We’re happy to report that they get roughly 50+ leads a month through their SEO campaign.

Google Ads Services for Tree Service Company

To further our lead gen efforts, we also cleaned up their Google Ads. We helped to bring their cost per lead down by $150+ dollars, and we’re happy to report that their leads through Google Ads have increased from 10/month to roughly 50+ leads a month.

In all, we’ve been able to boost their SEO, which funnels visitors towards becoming a lead; lastly, we’ve brought down their cost per conversion on Google Ads while increasing the number of leads they get in through those three channels.

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