Google Ads Disapproved: Common Reasons and Fixes

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Google Ads

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Picture this scenario. Your new Google Ads campaign is looking beautiful and ready to roll out. Then you see that blaring red text screaming at you — Google Ads disapproved.

You want to fix it quickly but don’t know how. First of all, don’t worry! Google Ads disapprovals happen very frequently due to Google’s automated review system that can mistakenly flag your ad. You can do several things to fix your disapproved Google Ads, so let’s jump into how to fix them so you can get your ad up and running as soon as possible.

What Are Some Common Ad Disapprovals?

Google highly prioritizes user experience, and it’s important to remember that when you are creating ads. Keep in mind these rules every time you create an ad so you don’t run into the Google Ads disapproved notification:

  • Using all caps: Although you should capitalize the first letter of each word in your ad copy, avoid using all caps.
  • Landing pages not functioning properly: Make sure your landing pages are complete and don’t have missing information.
  • Keywords in a restricted industry: Some industries, such as payday loans and alcohol, have more restrictions around the use of keywords.

How to Appeal a Disapproved Ad

If you believe that your ad follows all the guidelines and you have double-checked for any mistakes, you can submit an appeal to Google. You can also enlist professional help and learn more about effective Google Ads campaign services by Results Digital.

How to fix a disapproved ad:

  • Review the ad and make any necessary edits.
  • Appeal to Google for a manual review if you believe there’s been a mistake or if you’ve made the necessary changes to comply with their policies.

If you decide to edit the ad, these changes usually correct the disapproval:

  • Add a new property to your Responsive Search/Display Ad.
  • Make a minor change to a headline or description.
  • Update the destination URL.

You can check the status of your appeal by logging into Policy Manager from the top toolbar. Google processes most appeals within a few business days.

How to Prevent Google Ads Disapprovals

The tips below will help you prevent disapprovals, but keep in mind that it’s not always possible to avoid them entirely:

  • Be as specific as possible when creating your ad copy and targeting options. 
  • Regularly check all of your ad settings and make changes if necessary. Things change quickly on the internet, and what was once a good idea might no longer work well.
  • If Google disapproves of your ad, take the time to figure out why before trying again. Was there inappropriate content or a policy violation? If you can’t solve the problem yourself, reach out to us for help.

Let Results Digital Help You Master Google Ads Disapproved

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