What Is Digital Marketing?

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization

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Digital marketing can be a buzzword. Many use this term. For instance, Results Digital is a digital marketing agency. But what does that mean? What does digital marketing mean?

We recently made a video (see below) covering this topic. Let me clarify; it’s a YouTube Short for you type A’s that want the cliff notes version of this blog. Now, for those who like to read, let me clarify what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing defined

Digital marketing is a comprehensive approach to growing your company using digital tools & platforms such as your company’s website, branding, Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other social media.

It involves bringing awareness of your business to someone completely unfamiliar with your product or service and then moving that person through your marketing funnel from a cold contact to a customer or client and to, eventually, a brand evangelist for your company.

In a future blog, we will cover where digital marketing starts and how to move a client through your marketing funnel, but for this blog, let’s cover the components of digital marketing.

The tools of digital marketing

As stated above, digital marketing is a comprehensive approach to utilizing tools and platforms to grow your company. So let’s start with the two most important tools–branding and your website.


Your company branding includes your logo, fonts, graphics, typography, and color palette. Use your company branding cohesively throughout your non-digital printed material, such as business cards, brochures, and vehicle wraps, and in your digital assets like your Facebook and social media covers, your email signature, your website, and any other digital platform.

Think of branding as that unique identifier of your business. For instance, what comes to mind if I see a digital icon of an apple with a bite taken out of it, what comes to mind? What about mouse ears or a particular castle? You think of Apple and Disney, of course.

The same applies to your local business. You should take the time (and money) to invest in branding as it will mentally trigger familiarity within your target client’s mind. They’ll start to “see you all the time” and “see you all over the place” as you begin to target them with ads on different platforms.


Your company’s branding should flow directly into the website. If branding is the hub, your website is a spoke. Furthermore, your company’s website is where clients will first meet and greet your business, albeit electronically. Your website is like your business’ online brochure.

Think about how your future clients come to your website. It’s from a Google search whereby they’re trying to do research and stumble across your blog or SEO page, or from an ad that triggered them to click over to your site, or they are directly coming to your website.

So, either way, the site needs to look professionally produced. It should:

  • Flow correctly, 
  • Have plenty of calls to action interspersed throughout the pages,
  • Easy-to-follow navigation, 
  • Clear definition of services or products, 
  • Separate landing pages for each product or service, and
  • Incorporate your branding with matching fonts, graphics, colors, and vocabulary.

What are the platforms used in digital marketing?

The platforms of digital marketing

Once your branding and website are good-to-go, you can begin using digital platforms to target your future customers. We’ll briefly review each below.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is critical. The paid traffic platforms benefit from a website with good static and dynamic SEO. Search engine optimization is crafting your website with proper keywords, engaging content, clearly defined site and page structure, and online directory listing cohesion.

A website company usually implements static SEO when building the site. Static SEO includes the items mentioned above. 

Dynamic SEO is the ongoing process of adding (weekly and monthly) engaging content that answers your ideal customers’ questions. It should be relevant content written to your target audience to educate and inform them.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a valuable tool as it will enable you to target your customers in a full-funnel approach. Simply stated, you can target cold contacts in a top-of-the-funnel process and move them down your marketing funnel until they convert and become customers. In addition, Google Ads also gives the ability to retarget current clients to keep them engaged with your company.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the leading social media platform. Listen, I know no one likes Mark Zuckerburg; however, his platform is the largest social media platform without exception. Google owns YouTube; Facebook owns Instagram. So, essentially, Google and Facebook are the internet.

You can target future and current clients throughout the entire marketing funnel using Facebook Ads the same as Google Ads, so think of Google Ads and Facebook Ads as the heads and tails of the same coin.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to move future customers down your funnel and keep current clients engaged with your company.

Effective email marketing nurtures a prospect or client by providing them with helpful, engaging, question-answering content. Avoid using email marketing in a spammy manner that suffocates with offer after offer that they “don’t want to miss!”.

In conclusion

In this blog, we’ve discussed what digital marketing is and briefly discussed the tools and platforms available in digital marketing.

Results Digital is a digital marketing agency in The Woodlands, TX. We’ve chosen to focus exclusively on helping businesses grow using digital marketing. We are hyper-focused on effectively increasing our client’s businesses using SEO & Google Ads.

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